Lenspired Photography | About Amy
Nice to meet you.

I’m Amy McCloskey, the photographer behind Lenspired Photography. I believe so many moments in life are worth celebrating, and photos help you remember those moments for generations to come.

Some of my most-celebrated moments are big, like the day I understood what it meant to follow Christ, the day I took a leap of faith and ventured to Santa Barbara, California for college, or the day I married my wonderful husband, Brian. Others are small, like the solace I find in my daily cup of tea, the joy found in cooking delicious and nutritious food, or the many moments strung together over time of merry-making, side-splitting, soul-warming time with my dearest friends and family.

When you look back at photographs from your life, I want you to remember what it was like to be young and in love, how your newborn baby felt nestled in your arms, the way your children laughed together, and the moments made into memories in your home.

I look forward to celebrating all of your moments—big and small and everything in between.